There is a solution for every IT challenge, whether you want to
see your idea being developed or improve something existing,
our experts will make sure to find it.

About Us

We are a software project management and development team based in New York and Belgrade. We develop for web and mobile, proprietary, partner and client projects. We deliver on every part of the production cycle, from ideation via branding, design and coding to support, including customer support.

We are selective about work we take on, focusing on projects with sustainable business value. In addition to our other work, we have two proprietary software engines in our portfolio, customizable and available as white label solutions.

What we do

Technology in service of
business development

We proud ourselfs in our extensive knowledge on methods that
combine business development and technology to deliver best
results, and our clients love it!

How we do it

We do agile development in Scrum framework with experience in agile kanban and traditional paradigms. Our process is iterative, with cross-functional teams. In post-production, we have provided maintenance, first, second and third level technical support, client-facing, and b2b support as vendors.

In addition to our development resources, we help other stakeholders define business objectives. Our project management experience is based on our work and on independent consulting we have provided over the years.

Crucially to both, we do have capacity and experience in analyzing large datasets, using various econometric and statistic tools. Last, but not least, part of our cross-functional teams includes experienced creative professionals, proficient with most major design tools, including in 2D/3D modeling and animation.


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