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Technology in service of business development.

The Vanguard

We are a software project management and development team based in New York and Belgrade. We develop for web and mobile, proprietary, partner and client projects. We deliver on every part of the production cycle, from ideation via branding, design and coding to support, including customer support.

We are selective about work we take on, focusing on projects with sustainable business value. In addition to our other work, we have two proprietary software engines in our portfolio, customizable and available as white label solutions.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic."

Arthur C.Clarke

Our Projects


Closir is the corporate access platform for emerging markets, the first in its space and fastest growing. The platform aims to connect institutional investors and companies listed in emerging markets. It currently includes all large corporates from Russia, Turkey, Poland, and Iran, with another five markets planned by the end of 2017.


RaiserSeed gives founders tools to manage the costly administrative work that comes with fundraising series. It is a payment engine for selling or buying company equity, managing cap tables and relevant legal documentation. Initially made with a focus on startups, it is customizable and available as white label solution.


CoolCities is our latest project, released in December, 2016, for Android, and slated for a February 2017 publication on iOS platform. As a mobile app for both platforms, it is a way to bookmark places important to you, and share them with friends.


Teleon is a software engine enabling online real-time consultations, chat and video, between clients and professionals. It enables seamless integration between browsing for relevant professionals, booking an appointment, making an online payment, exchanging any relevant documentation and having a real-time consultation, along with any potential follow-up documents. Customizable and available as a white-label solution.

How We Do it

We do agile development in Scrum framework with experience in agile kanban and traditional paradigms. Our process is iterative, with cross-functional teams. In post-production, we have provided maintenance, first, second and third level technical support, client-facing, and b2b support as vendors.

In addition to our development resources, we help other stakeholders define business objectives. Our project management experience is based on our work and on independent consulting we have provided over the years. Crucially to both, we do have capacity and experience in analyzing large datasets, using various econometric and statistic tools. Last, but not least, part of our cross-functional teams includes experienced creative professionals, proficient with most major design tools, including in 2D/3D modeling and animation.

What we use?

Programming Languages

  • Python3
  • Java and Java for Android
  • Swift
  • Javascript (ES2017), NodeJS
  • PHP


  • Python: Flask, Django, nameko
  • Angular, ReactJS, React Native
  • PHP: Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel
  • Bootstrap, Foundation


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle (PL/SQL)
  • Redis, Memcached (NoSQL)


  • ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ
  • SQLAlchemy
  • WordPress, OctoberCMS
  • Unity

Open Positions

Currently there are no open positions