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In addition to our development resources, we help other stakeholders define business objectives. Our project management experience is based on our work and on independent consulting we have provided over the years.

We provide custom software development and IT outsourcing services, software for individuals, startups, and small to medium business.


Development of web systems and services

Mobile platforms (Android and iOS)


Security systems

QA/ Testing

Testing environment development

Defining tests

Test automation

QA services and consultations


Strategic technology plan

BPR (Business Process Redesign)

Technology architecture plan

Functional specifications and software solutions


  • Development of Web Systems
  • Mobile Platforms
  • ERP and CRM
  • Security Systems
Development of Web Systems

With well designed, efficient web systems we can ensure that your internal business operations will run smoothly. We can quickly understand the crucial elements that drive your business with the final goal of providing a solution that improves your competence and profitability.

Our services include: 

Web Consulting where we help you bring your web app ideas to life. Our expert’s solutions will give you best-fit architecture, design and hosting options for the perfect software operation and adoption.

Web development is when we will provide a wide pool of skilled software developers helping you seamlessly implement a new and scalable web application.

Digital Transformation will transform the capabilities of your existing web application. We can re-host, re-platform or we can do a complete refactoring of the app

Mobile Platforms

We ensure that you reach the top of the market for enhanced business growth and sales.

With experience developing complete end-to-end software solutions, we have the perfect blend of aesthetic and technical skills to deliver sophisticated and innovative software projects, including apps. With the understanding of front-end and back-end development for the major mobile app platforms, we are best placed to advise and deliver on your new app or business idea.

We are providing you with consultation, we work with you to deliver the perfect experience, advising and overcoming technical challenges. Our designers and developers take time to fully understand and construct the perfect user interface to match requirements. We work with the major mobile platforms iOS from Apple and Android from Google. And because we develop natively for both iOS and Android, we can deliver a richer experience for every client.


Enterprise Resource Planning makes systems work together in that way that all data can be accessed in one place. Software is customizable, clients can add or change modules for their needs. It can integrate with customer resource management platforms bringing all functions onto a single platform. This system eliminates duplicate processes, syncs data making it quicker to access information, increases the number of customers and data you manage with same, essentially different, systems.

Benefits of ERP: Better communication throughout the organization, control over costs, faster task completion, data security, better planning and more flexibility via customized deployment.

Customer Relationship Management systems manage information about customers, including interactions, past purchases and interests.. Automating the flow of information or data throughout the company it provides links between suppliers and customers in a complete chain balancing the demand and supply, providing functional integration among the departments of a company. This gives you a clear 360 ° view of customer data and customer behavior – at any time, in any department and at any touchpoint: on desktops, tablets and smartphones.


  • Testing Environment Development
  • Defining Tests
  • Test Automation
  • QA Services and Consultations
Testing Environment Development

Managing environments to create replicas of the product environment with a test server that allows us to run the test cases. It includes network and hardware configuration, as well as setting up a server to run tests on.

It allows us to create identical environments every time we need to test the products.

These tests allow us to determine if the test needs archiving in order to take backups, identifying components (operating systems, databases, etc.), identifying the number of licences and verifying the network configuration.

Defining Tests

Our team must first define a measurable set of quality process and metrics to ensure which standards are represented in the product. Our team needs to have a complete understanding of what kind of product  they are working with.

Test Automation

Benefits of Automation Testing: 

  • Fast Feedback Cycle
  • Time Saver
  • Reduced Expenses
  • Higher test coverage
  • Reusability
  • Better Insights
  • More features
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Eliminate Human Error

 This tool is designed to complement manual testing, it helps us validate the functioning and the software before it is moved to production. Automated testing tools are required to be used by the QA team for executing the test scripts. Team quickly tests the software, prepares the reports and compares the software with results.

QA Services and Consultations

With consulting, we are able to provide you support for every stage of your product. That includes Diagnosis, planning, realization and support.

Our team is efficient, accurate with attention to details and established workflow.


  • Strategic Technology Plan
  • BPR (Business Process Redesign)
  • Technology Architecture Plan
  • Functional Specifications and Software Solutions
Strategic Technology Plan

This plan represents a strategy formulation process, using smart ways to address the cost and choices of technology projects and infrastructure.

BPR (Business Process Redesign)

BPR involves a drastic redesign of the business process to gain improvements in quality and productivity. It consists of evaluating customers needs, re-organisation into functional teams with end-to-end responsibility for a process and improving business across the organisation. This type of redesigning is mostly used for reducing costs and cycle times by eliminating unproductive activities and for improving quality by reducing the work fragmentation and establishing a clear production process. 

The essence of BPR is a radical change in processes, it begins with defining the objectives, learning from clients and employees, creating a vision and designing a new business process by creating a long-term plan and implementing a solution.

Technology Architecture Plan

It represents a plan that is developed, maintained, implemented and used to explain how an organisation’s It and information management work together to accomplish the mission of the company. This plan consists of :

  • Defining vision, Objectives and Principles,
  • Identifying company’s existing IT capabilities,
  • Creating the ideal workflow,
  • Determining gaps between current and target architecture,
  • Develop a migration plan,
  • Implementing architecture and migration plan,
  • Review and regular updating.